Novelties in the iSy® Implant System create even more options

iSy by CAMLOGNovelties in the iSy® Implant System create even more options


The iSy Implant System has found numerous supporters who had waited for a cost-efficient solution with first class quality from a renowned manufacturer. Among other things, those using the iSy concept benefit from the fact that iSy implants, healing caps, multi-function caps and a single patient form drill are included in a single set. So far, the iSy concept is based solely on transgingival healing and is used by many customers to gain more patients for restorations with implants. At the IDS 2015, CAMLOG will present a preview of interesting extensions to the successful implant system.


More prosthetic options – more opportunities, greater flexibility


As of July 2015, the prosthetic portfolio of the iSy Implant System will be extended by several prefabricated abutments. The new iSy Esthomic® Abutments allow esthetically cemented reconstructions. Screw-retained healing caps adapted to the emergence profiles of the Esthomic® Abutments will become available in a variety of profile diameters and heights. Final restoration directly on the implant base will become possible and offers the clinician a cost-effective restoration option and even greater flexibility in the course of treatment. CAMLOG treads a new path with the free provision of open STL data sets of the iSy Abutment connection. This enables the milling centers to fabricate self-manufactured abutments and retain value creation fully in-house.

Impression taking and scanning from the implant shoulder – direct and precise

In addition to the existing impression taking method from the implant base with the multi-function caps, the new impression posts can be used for impression taking directly from the implant shoulder with an open or closed tray. Scanning can be performed either from the implant shoulder with screw-retained scanbodies or from the implant base with the multi-function caps which are included in the iSy Implant Set.


Extended portfolio – short and sweet


The iSy standard range with so far three implant diameters and lengths will be extended by a short implant (7.3 mm). A major advantage of this short implant is that it can also be used if limited bone is available. This can avoid bone grafts, for example, in sinus floor elevation. The short iSy Implant will be available as of July 2015 and will at first be supplied in the single implant set, including a healing cap, a single patient form drill and two multi-function caps.




DEDICAM provides an extensive portfolio of high quality CAD/CAM prosthetic solutions for the iSy Implant System. This enables combining the well established CAMLOG precision with high cost-efficiency and a convincing measure of flexibility. With its open CAD interface and a large choice of designs and materials, DEDICAM offers a host of prosthetic options for iSy.


The novelties in the iSy Implant System create even more options for providing patients with high quality and cost-efficient restorations. As of July 2015 it pays even more to look at new perspectives and to try iSy.


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