The COMFOUR™ System – comfortable for both user and patient

COMFOUR™ offers a range of options to master the challenges in practice routine easier and with less time. Next to their versatility, the COMFOURTM Abutments excel through their slim design. All components are of delicate and compact design, which simplifies prosthetic restorations considerably for dentists and dental technicians and increases the wear comfort for patients.


COMFOUR™ is time-saving and flexible in use. With its versatility, the system extends the prosthetic options at abutment level and has a number of impressive technical advantages such as its antirotational mechanism and the Guide-compatible aligning tool. The aligning tools are used for finely adjusting cam alignment during implantation and the visual representation of the screw access channels of the prosthetic restoration. The 17° and 30° angled bar abutments are of particularly slim design in the subgingival region to allow plenty of space for peri-implant tissue. The abutments are available as type A and type B (60° offset cam arrangement). The sterile bar abutments can be inserted immediately after surgery and either fitted with the temporary restoration or sealed with a healing cap. The angled bar abutments are removed safely from the packaging using the pre-mounted, flexible handle, and then transferred into the mouth with the handle where they can then be placed precisely. To tighten the abutment screw, the flexible handle mounted in the thread for the prosthetic screw is simply bent to the side. The M1.6 prosthetic screw of the COMFOUR™ System offers extra stability.


Useful additional components are the titanium caps for both temporary and definitive restorations. The scan caps for bar abutments create an interface in digital fabrication. This allows frameworks and bars to be fabricated via CAD/CAM solutions.


The numerous technical highlights ensure that COMFOUR™ is not simply just a name, but also a program – for users and patients alike. 

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