CAMLOG® Implant System

Consistently thought-out range of instruments: easy handling



The CAMLOG® and CONELOG® Implant Systems are characterized by their ease of handling. Drills with depth stops, color-coding and well-conceived tools ensure efficient workflows.

  • CAMLOG-Chirurgie-Set

    Surgery set SCREW-LINE

    The surgery set of the CAMLOG® / CONELOG® SCREW-LINE includes all surgical instruments required for implant bed preparation and insertion of CAMLOG® and CONELOG® SCREW-LINE implants. The drills are arranged by treatment sequence and color-coded by implant diameter. The exact drilling sequences are supported visually by colored lines marked on the tray.The reusable drills and taps with no internal irrigation ensure gentle preparation of the implant bed. The cutting-edge geometry of the drills ensures excellent cutting performance and produces coarse, vital bone grafts.

  • Guide System – template guided implantation for CAMLOG® and CONELOG® implants

    The components of the Guide System serve the template guided preparation of the implant bed and insertion of CAMLOG® and CONELOG® SCREW-LINE implants, in a partially or fully edentulous upper and lower jaw.

  • CAMLOG-Osteotomie-Sets

    Osteotomy sets

    The ease of use and the quality of the osteotomes of the CAMLOG® / CONELOG® SCREW-LINE osteotomy sets are impressive. The substance of local bone can be optimally maintained through direct compression and displacement. Better primary stability of the implants can be achieved in the soft bone. There are four clearly-arranged osteotomy sets in straight convex, angled convex, straight concave and angled concave versions.

  • 38-Gingivaformer

    Healing caps

    Use of the CAMLOG® healing caps supports the development of peri-implant soft tissue in the healing period. The healing caps are available in three different geometries: cylindrical, bottleneck and wide body.


    CAMLOG® healing caps PS are available for the Platform Switching option. They are tapered in diameter on the apical portion making it possible to adapt soft tissue over the implant shoulder.

  • CAMLOG-ALTApin-Set

    ALTApin set

    The practical ALTApin Set offers significant advantages over conventional membrane fixation systems. The high-quality tools are innovative and impressive to handle. A pricker replaces the drill for soft bone. The ALTApin magazine equipped with seven stable titanium nails also offers significant advantages. It uses double sterile packaging and is placed in the set for use directly. Unused titanium nails can be left in the set and sterilized.

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